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Breathe Your Way Back To Health

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Breathe- Oxygen is the #1 nutrient your body needs to stay a live. we take 25,000 breathes every day of our lives, and it happens even when we are not thinking about it. It affects our digestive system, alkalizes blood, increases oxygen in the blood, reduces inflammation, improves thinking, pumps the spine and more. Your breath is Life so take some time to breathe.

Here are some ways to incorporate breathing into your day

  1. Meditation breathing

  2. Tai Chi

  3. Zone exercises

  4. EHOH (Every Hour on the Hour) Breathing break throughout the day (ex: 5-10 deep breathes every hour)

Pick one of these and implement 5-10 min per day, making a change in your health doesn't have to be hard or complicated. Just make small changes and implement at least one of these action items into your day can make a drastic change to your health.

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