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4 Simple ways to Improve Circulation

I had a Client recently share A concern she had for a family member. They were suffering with poor circulation, blood clotting and heart problems. 

Rivers are Like the Blood Vessels in our Body
Rivers are Like the Blood Vessels in our Body

Here you will find that the solutions I am giving are quite simple and involve daily activities and are no different from what you do on a daily basis. It might require changing some habits that you are use to. But the changes are simple and don’t cost much. 

4 Simple simple ways to improve circulation

1. Move! - Movement improves circulation 100%. Your muscles when they contract and relax act as a pump to move blood, water, and lymph to and away from that part of the body. It is important to get at least 30 minutes of some form of movement/exercise Daily. 

I would love to hear from you what your form of daily movement is, please share in the comments! 

2. Hydration -  Staying hydrated keeps the rivers in our body flowing. Our body relies on water, in fact we are 99% water! Drinking water is a great start to increasing hydration along with eating foods that are hydrating. Consuming electrolytes and reducing drying food and drinks  When we are hydrated and moving enough our body can move fluids more efficiently! Plus the more muscle you have the more water you can store in reserve! 

What do you currently do to stay more hydrated? Please share in the Comments?

3. Your Food You Eat! - Yes, food does affect circulation . Especially when consuming foods that are processed and highly inflammatory. Inflammation can make the fluids in our body more thick and reduce circulation. Especially if it is on a grand scale. If overall inflammation is high in the body this can lead to poor circulation. So consuming foods that are anti-inflammatory in nature and wholesome organic foods can drastically reduce inflammation in the body. Reducing Sugar and processed sugar, Bad Fats, Processed grains, processed carbohydrates will help to reduce inflammation in the body. 

What is your current diet and what is currently working for you in your diet plan that helps to reduce inflammation in your body? PLease share in the comments! 

Breath Creates Movement in our Body!

4. Breathing! - Yes, often overlooked and misunderstood, but breathing is a big circulation enhancer. It can improve oxygen in the blood. Reduce inflammation in the body and improve circulation through pumping the organs and muscles in the body. Just 10-20 minutes of focused breathing can reduce inflammation, stress, improve digestion and rest.

How are you going to incorporate breathing into your daily life? Please share in the comments below!


I would also like to share some other ways to increase circulation but these are along the line of supplement. Again this is not a replacement for Rx medications and you should consult with your doctor if you are under any kind of medical supervision. 

Some of these are basically food or digestive aids. However some of these act as blood thinners. So if you are taking a Rx to thin blood, you will want to consult with your doctor and monitor yourself. 

  1. Digestive aids: Enzymes and Probiotics  Help with the digestion of foods and help break down food into the most simplistic form so the body can utilize the  nutrients from the wholesome food you consume. 

    1. Bioptomizers Masszymes and P30M are great supplements to support digestion and can benefit circulation.

  1. Omega 3: Most people are high in Omega 6 and 9 and lack Omega 3 in their diet. My suggestion is to understand what foods are high in Omega 6-9 and try to reduce those sources of foods in your diet. They are typically processed foods and bad fats such as (canola oil, vegetable oil, palm kernel oil) This causes a lot of inflammation in the body and increases Omega 6-9 in the body. When this happens the body becomes out of balance and Inflammation sets in. 

  2. Food that is high in Omega 3: Fresh Caught Salmon, sardines, Free Range Locally raised egg. Organic Grass Fed meat. You can also get a high quality Omega 3 Fish oil and supplement what you are missing. 

  3. Cymbiotika's Omega 3, Barlean's Fish oil, or Body Health's Omega 3 are great sources of Omega 3 Fish oils.

By Incorporating the things above you can Improve circulation by decreasing inflammation in the body. These are all methods that are simple and effective to integrate into your daily life. All it takes is a small step every day and consistency. Retraining old habits can be done no matter the age.


Let me know in the comment the method that you use Or what is working for you. Would love to hear how you are incorporating these into your life!

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