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At “Paths in Healing”, sound and vibration is integrated in all our massage and bodywork sessions.  The results speak for themselves.  Clients constantly share positive experiences while being on the table. 


Many theories are out there and many more are being researched. The result being that no one really knows. One thing for sure Sound and Vibration has been around for along time.  Words are composed of frequency and vibration. Word produces vibration and frequency. Every living cell in our body resonates at a unique healthy frequency.   When compromised by sickness the frequency goes down.  Sometimes the frequency stays down and sickness remains.  Introducing the correct frequency could raise the vibration level and restore Homeostasis. In the past Mystics have used singing, chanting, praying, crystal bowls, drums and rattles to promote healing in a person.  Sound and Vibration is all around us in many ways. It is Life. Cancer cells have been reported to have an extremely low vibration or frequency.  Live greens have a high vibration. Our body in health exist in high vibration.  If we eat and drink live vibrant foods our vibration stays up.  If we eat and drink dead foods then our vibration goes down.  When a Healer comes in contact with someone that is sick,there is a raising of the lower energy to a higher level.  This results in the one that was sick to feel better.  Many theories exist on how this works. It's been around a long time, and has been used for many years to promote life.

Vibration stimulates circulation. Pain is often related to ischemia and if blood flow can be restored, the body has a chance to rid itself of ischemia and therefore pain. Increasing blood flow brings nutrients to the site as well as oxygen. Both of these items are vital to life. Think of the blood as the life force of the body. Tissue or organs that are sick have inadequate blood flow. If that can be changed it gives an opportunity for the body to heal itself.

 At “Paths in Healing” we remain open to explanations of how sound and vibration works. We have seen it work to a point that we have all our tables equipped with Sound and Vibration making it part of your experience with us. Placing no limits on energetic modalities leaves it to work at whatever energetic level it desires to work on.  


“Paths in Healing” utilizes Vibroacoustics Sound and Vibration tables in all of their sessions. Special cd’s have been acquired that have frequencies combinations for different ailments. We have listed some of the frequency cd’s that we currently use in our office, at the end of this article.

Our tables have special transducers mounted in a special arrangement under the tabletop. These tables do not produce a steady source of vibration but with a pulsing type of vibration that resonates different areas of the table. Some clients state that it feels as if the vibration is rolling under the table. It is a very unique vibration.

What is“Sound and Vibration to the Body?

Sound and Vibration is Energy. We are energy beings, when healthy we have a healthy vibration and when we are sick our vibration is at a low level. Every cell, tissue, organ, muscle and other components that make up the body vibrates at a given frequency.  
Life is Energy and Vibration.


  • C1-C2 spinal segment Balancing Frequencies

  • Sciatica Frequencies

  • Hip Pain Frequencies

  • Knee Pain Frequencies

  • Foot and Ankle Pain Frequencies

  • Spine and Chakra balancing Frequencies

  • Liver Frequencies

  • Migraine Headache Frequencies

  • Detoxing / Cleansing Frequencies

  • Neck and Shoulder Pain Frequencies

  • Wrist and Hand Pain Frequencies

(We are constantly adding to this list.)

We also utilize the DNA Activation Frequency cd’s. These are available for up to 4 hour sessions by appointment only.  


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