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2 minute goals

Two minute goals?

What do you mean by two minute goals?!

I was reading James Clear's, Atomic Habits and he mentioned that two minute goals help you show up every day in a new Habit!

What is a 2 Minute Goal?

A two minute goal is something you can do in two minutes to help you start a new habit. We talk about hydration all the time, so I will use hydration as an example. Your goal is to get 8, 8 oz, glasses of water every day. Currently, you drink 2, 8 oz, glasses throughout the day. A two minute goal would be set an 8oz glass of water on your nightstand every night before going to bed. If you drink a glass before bed and one right as you wake up you have already increased your water intake by one or two glasses and it has only taken you two minutes to complete this new habit. To learn other ways to help you stay more hydrated visit our blog post 3 great ways to increase your water intake.

Any goal can be broken down into a simple two minute segment. So, once you have identified your goal or new habit you want to be able to show up in that goal to make it a new habit and not just a temporary change. Having a small place to start allows you to show up every time in your new habit. Yes, being a marathoner, millionaire, or CEO are all fine goals, but you really have to meet yourself where you are at. The trick is to set 2 minute goals, something you can do no mater how little motivation you have to complete the rest of the task. The theory is once you have shown up for two minutes you may just go ahead with the rest of the task, but whether you finish the rest of the task or if you just show up for the two minutes you have at least started a new habit which will lead you to accomplishing your goal.

Sometimes we are blocked from our goal because of pain and or physiological dysfunction. At this point we have to step back and look at the smaller things in life. Tim Jr has referred to these as being the 6 foundational principals.

The 6 foundational principals are:

  1. thinking - reread your dream/goals.

  2. breathing - in through your nose and out through your mouth using your diaphragm.

  3. hydration - 1/2 your body weight in ounces

  4. nutrition - eat whole foods

  5. sleep - 7-8 hours each night.

  6. movement - 20-30 minutes each day.

If you feel like you are blocked from reaching your goals because of pain or physiological dysfunction and would like to know how to set up a better self-care routine contact Tim Janak Jr or Tim Janak Sr. They are trained Holistic Lifestyle Coaches and believe that the true balance of the body (mind, body, and Spirit) achieves health.

Paths In Healing has teamed up with naCHer CBD to bring some amazing products to you. Deep tissue CBD Salve is only one of the great products that naCHer CBD carries. This Salve has been sold in our office for months now and our clients love the results they have seen. The active ingredients are arnica, eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender, Menthol, and hemp derived CBD. The Deep Tissue CBD Salve has a penetrating warming & cooling sensation from the menthol and essential oils. These plant extractions work deep into the muscle tissue and joints to stimulate blood flow and carry the arnica and CBD into the inflamed tissues.

Addressing stress and inflammation is at the core of naCHer CBD's product development. We love the education that they provide to their customers. Every product page has tons of information to support the use of their product. In addition to this, we have been using their products and have loved the results we get. From their CBD creams to their tinctures and drinks, we love the results we see and the results our clients have told us they have seen. Use the code PATHS to get 20% off all of their products today.

I understand the statements on this site regarding naCHer CBD products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Results from products may vary. Please understand we can not make any medical claims about these products, nor can we validate any claims that customers have made.

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NooWandee Wandaa
NooWandee Wandaa
17 août 2022

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NooWandee Wandaa
NooWandee Wandaa
13 août 2022

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Membre inconnu
12 août 2022

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Membre inconnu
11 août 2022

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