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Move, your way to health!

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Movement- is free! Movement affects the circulatory system, lymphatic, digestive and will even improve your mood and your thoughts! Move at least 20-30 mins a day in order to get your body pumping. Walking, running, gardening, working out and even Tai chi are all movements that will benefit your body. Movement animates life, movement is Life!

There are 2 types of movement, Work-out and work-In. Work-out is what most of us are familiar with. However work-in is the opposite of working out. Working In recharges our body and gives you energy. It is a way to rest and recover actively. Work-in movements are a great way to de-stress the body and calm the mind.

Here are some ways you can incorporate movement into your life to enhance your lifestyle. Choose one and implement it into your day.

  • Stretch

  • Mobilize

  • Yoga

  • Tai chi

  • Zone

  • Walk or run

  • Gardening

  • Lift weights

  • Cardio

  • Dance

  • Any form of movement for 20-30 mins a day is a great start

  • Set a timer at work to go off every hour and get up, stretch, move or walk around for 5-10 min.

Movement is life and will animate life. When you move you start to manifest your dreams and express them into reality. Move daily for at least 20-30 mins a day and keep track of it as you go.


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