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Stress-Less Holiday Plan September through December

So, the Holidays might seem like they are quite distant; however, they are inching their way toward us. For some of us we love the Holidays it is a time of festivities, family and fun. For others of us it is the worst time of the year, family members, expectations, and commercialism to name a few, make this time of year a stressful occasion. Wherever we all are on this spectrum of holiday goers there always seems to be stress. This holiday season, at Paths in Healing, we are trying to take a stress-less approach.

Stress causes a physical reaction in our body. Although some level of stress is good for the body, prolonged periods of stress impacts the immune system, excretory system, and digestive system negatively.

Chronic stress can lead to anxiety, depression, sleep dysfunction, fatigue, brain fog, digestive problems, etc. These dysfunctions are rooted in holistic imbalances driven by inflammation, toxicity, nutritional deficiency, emotional toxicity, etc.

Whoa!! Stress has a huge impact on our health!

That is why we at Paths in Healing are so excited to roll out our Stress-Less Holiday Plan. We have researched top ways to relieve stress in our lives. And we want to help you through this Holiday Season by going back to the roots of health. We will learn how to incorporate sleep, meditation, hydration, creativity/thinking, movement, and nutrition into an easy fun and loving way in our lives.

Our Stress-Less Holiday Plan will help you find your way through this Holiday Season with less stress.

  1. Each week we will provide you with a health tip.

  2. We will also provide you with one or two activities to do each week to make sure you are ready for the holidays.

  3. There will also be a product highlight. The products we highlight will help you manage stress.

If the holiday preparation is not for you don't worry we will keep it at the end of each blog post.

At the end of the season, in January, we will do a 28 day reset, where we will dive deeper into the 6 foundational principals (sleep, thinking, hydration, breathing, movement, and nutrition) to help you make 2023 an even healthier year.

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