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Lower Limb Self-care Routine

by Tim Janak Jr

We recently had a client ask us about a self-care routine for their lower limbs. Watch the video and read the response we gave them. We hope that this information will help you as well.


  • A great way to end your day.

  • Spend 2 mins on each area and Isolate areas of tightness.

  • Do everyday to feel a lasting benefit.

Tools needed: Foam roller, Lacrosse ball, open space

Flushing foam rolling.

Quads w/ Foam roller - 5 Muscles on the front of the Thighs. These muscle straighten your knee and also can act as a hip flexor

◦ Start just above the knee go all the way up to the hip bone (ASIS).

‣ 3-5 passes / Outer quad

‣ 3-5 passes / Middle

‣ 3-5 passes / Inner quad

Adductor w/ Foam roller - 5 muscles on the inside of the thigh, they bring the leg inward towards the other leg.

◦ Start just above the knee go all the way up to the pubic bone

‣ 3-5 passes / Front

‣ 3-5 passes / middle

‣ 3-5 passes / back

Hamstring w/ Foam roller - 3 Muscles on the back side of the thigh, these muscles Bend the knee and extend the leg backward.

◦ Start just above the knee go all the way up to the Sit bone of the hip (ischial tuberosity).

‣ 3-5 passes / Outer

‣ 3-5 passes / Middle

‣ 3-5 passes / Inner

Calf w/ Foam roller - 2 Large muscles and 3 smaller muscles on the back side of the lower leg bellow the knee. These muscles point the foot and flex the toes.

◦ Start just below the knee go all the way down to the ankle.

‣ 3-5 passes / Outer

‣ 3-5 passes / Middle

‣ 3-5 passes / Inner

Shin w/ Foam roller - 3 muscle on the front outside of the lower leg bellow the knee. These muscles (Dorsi) Flex the foot and Lift the toes up.

◦ Start just below the knee go all the way down to the ankle.

‣ 3-5 passes / Outer

‣ 3-5 passes / Middle

‣ 3-5 passes / Inner

Bonus! Take you self care session to the next level!

Foot w/ lacrosse ball - Lots of muscle plus 3 arches on the bottom side of the foot. Stabilizes the body while standing and walking.

◦ Static pressure

◦ Inside to outside


Stretching is done using static, long holds 30-60 sec, which is great to do right before bed time. Static stretching will help relax the body and help you get ready for sleep. There are many ways to stretch muscles, these are just a few of the variations that I know.

  1. Hip Flexor Stretch L/R :30-:60 secs -

  2. Quad stretch Side lying L/R :30-:60 secs

  3. Adductor stretch in a chair or Swiss ball L/R :30-:60 secs

  4. Lateral IT band Stretch L/R :30-:60 secs

  5. Hamstring Stretch L/R :30-:60 secs

  6. Calf stretch w/ Strap


1. Breathe - Oxygen helps muscles fire. 5 sec inhale | 5 sec exhale

2. Hydration - 1/2 body weight in ounce of water, alkaline, sea salt, Simple electrolyte drink, One’s we recommend for purchase:

3. Nutrition - balanced portion of quality protein, fruits and veggies and fats.

4. Sleep/Recovery - Not enough down time leads to faulty repair time. Make sure you let your body run a full repair cycle 7-8 hours of sleep minimum each night.

5. Movement - Stretch is a form of movement which is part of active recovery. Too much working out (Fire) or too much working in (water), is your workout helping you or harming you?

6. Thoughts - Take time for yourself. Your body is the only one you have to live in.


1. Epsom salt bath 2-4 cups in a nice hot bath soak for 20 mins

3. Deep tissue Salve - NaCHer CBD Deep Tissue Rub plus the Magnesium Spray (use code PATHS to get 20% off your order of all

4. Electrolyte drink - Make your own, Body Health’s Electrolyte drink, or Trace Minerials Electroylte drink

Paths In Healing has teamed up with naCHer CBD to bring some amazing products to you. Deep tissue CBD Salve is only one of the great products that naCHer CBD carries. This Salve has been sold in our office for months now and our clients love the results they have seen. The active ingredients are arnica, eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender, menthol, and hemp derived CBD. The Deep Tissue CBD Salve has a penetrating warming & cooling sensation from the menthol and essential oils. These plant extractions work deep into the muscle tissue and joints to stimulate blood flow and carry the arnica and CBD into the inflamed tissues.

Addressing stress and inflammation is at the core of naCHer CBD's product development. We love the education they provide to their customers. Every product page has tons of information to support the use of their product. In addition to this, we have been using their products and have loved the results we get. From their CBD creams to their tinctures and drinks, we love the results we see and the results our clients have told us they have seen. Use the code PATHS to get 20% off all of their products today.

*I understand the statements on this site regarding naCHer CBD products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Results from products may vary. please understand we can not make any medical claims about these products, nor can we validate any claims that customers have made.

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