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Resolving Migraine Headaches

Migraine headaches are not fun and many people everyday suffer with them. The usually remedy them is Rx medication, lying down and just not being able to function.

Headaches can be caused from stress or from muscle tension. These can range from the regular tension headache to the migraine headache. Headaches that are stressed induced will be relieved from massage, however if these headaches are recurrent then it is critical for the therapist to do a thorough evaluation of the client’s posture to determine if the position of the hips are causing the muscles of the cranial base to tighten. This will eventually bring on a headache. Sitting at an office desk, driving for long periods of time, reading while in bed or slouched in a chair, all have the capacity to effect the position of the cranium which will cause muscular imbalances which may lead to recurring headaches. These headaches may be called "tension headaches" or "migraine headaches". How Paths in Healing Addresses Headache and Migraine Pain During the massage session, we focus on obtaining relief from the headache as well as gathering information so as to determine why the headaches exist. A postural charting and detailed assessment allows us to find the true symptom of what is causing the headache, especially if they are reoccurring. If it is a postural problem we will address the muscles that are involved elsewhere in the body that may be contributing to the inefficient posture which contributes to the recurring headaches. In this manner we not only address the pain of the headache but we also address the reoccurrence of such pain. To enhance the massage we also use essential oils and Sound and Vibration.

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