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Week Fourteen Stress-Less Holiday Plan: Salty Side of Life!


Salt has gotten a bad name over the last many years. However, the idea of using salt is slowly starting to creep back into the mainstream of health. In the post 3 Great Ways to Increase Your Water Intake I mentioned a book Your Body’s Many Cries for Water by Dr Battmanghelidj. This book however, is not just about water, but about how to hydrate your body and the many different disease that are just a symptom of dehydration.

In Chapter 13 of his book he discusses symptoms caused by low salt in the one’s daily consumption.

All Salt is not the same!

To assume that white table salt is the same as Himalayan salt or Celtic sea salt is a misunderstanding of the molecule make up of the three. White table salt is pure sodium and and that is it. When a person consumes too much of one ingredient it will create a deficiency in something else, which leads to an imbalance in the body which leads to an imbalance in the chemical and physiological functions of the body. So we see things like hypertension, obesity, blood sugar problems, and more issue that come with the “Standard problems with Salt“

So why is Himalayan salt and Celtic sea salt different? These two salts contain trace minerals


Week Fourteen Action Items: Batteries

I though it was really fitting to make this week be the week you go and get Batteries since Salt is like our battery recharger. When you have kids, Batteries are always needed especially if you have purchased battery operated toys be sure to get those back-up batteries. It is super annoying to get to the big reveal and then have the batteries go dead. Even if you don't have kids having a few back up batteries on hand is a great idea.

Do you ever get that surprise gift from a friend and you didn't get them anything? I always feel bad, but not this year. Buy 2-3 emergency gifts. Gift cards, bath bombs, or Chocolate can be excellent emergency gifts.


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