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Benefits of Post Operative Massage Therapy

An article from the the Spring 2022 Massage Therapy Journal show that massage therapy remains to be one of the safest modalities in the health industry today. Every year we get more information on the medicinal affects of massage therapy and how it can help with recovery.

Massage has all the mechanical effects and other powerful healing effects on reducing pain which lowers stress, making healing more available. When there is an overload of stress in the body, the body is not able to rest and recover which lead to other systems such as the digestive system not being able to function at it's best.

Below is a list of the studies of massage modalities used in pre and

post surgery.

  • Post Surgical Massage can soothe out the guarding reaction of tissues helping them return to Normal Function.

  • Massage can release trigger points, which will allow muscles to return to normal length, increasing range of motion, joint ease, which overall reduces pain.

  • Scar tissue can be made more pliable and functional by realigning it in a direction of desired stress. This can be done by appropriate massage techniques

  • Hand and Foot massage were tested and shown that they are effective in providing in Postoperative Pain Relief.

  • Massage can also address other common post-surgery issues, such as the buildup of scar tissue that often accompanies Hip and Knee procedures.

- Massage Therapy Journal (Spring 2022)

Massage can be done utilizing a variety of techniques which all have their benefits and produce different outcomes. A skilled therapist will often use a variety of techniques to make a difference for the client. This is why we evaluate, take time to know you and what you are seeking in your healing.

Consider massage for yourself, a family member or friend when they meet surgery or other physical ailments.

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Many Paths to Healing.

There are many rivers that lead to one sea.

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