Week Nine Stress-Less Holiday Plan: Toe Tapping for Improved Sleep

We hope that this post finds you well and ready to tackle the day! Hopefully the preparation you have put in to this day serves you well, Enjoy your Halloween!

This week's Topics


Toe Tapping for Improved Sleep

by Cheri Clark-Moore

Have you ever felt so tired that you just crash into bed only to lay there awake for hours or to

wake up at 2 or 3am finding it almost impossible to fall back to sleep? Racing thoughts, stress and worries play havoc on our sleep.

This is a common issue in today’s age as the rise of both pharmaceutical and natural options to help improve sleep attest.

Many biological processes happen during sleep. We process information from the day. Organize nerve cells in our brain. Heal our cells. Digest our food. When our sleep is affected, our bodies cannot do their job.

For most of us, we are not tired because we have used our physical energy all day. Most of us our tired from overusing our brain. Thinking, problem-solving, planning, worrying – these

mental activities expend most of our energy. When we are relaxed and resting our brain uses

20% of the energy available in our body. When we are stressed, worried or thinking too much that can increase up to 32% - that’s a third of your energy going to your mental processes.

We can create a healthier environment for sleeping by bringing that energy back into balance throughout our body, not just concentrated in our brain.

As a Brain Education instructor, I use simple mind-body techniques to help people bring this

balance back. Through these methods, you can create the right environment to support your

body to move in a healing, restful state. In this state, your sleep can become deeper and more effective with less waking moments and disruptions.

My favorite mind body technique to improve sleep is Toe Tapping. Through moving different

parts of your body in different ways, you are helping your brain quiet the overactive Neocortex (or thinking brain) and activate deeper layers responsible for sensation and movement. This creates a sense of balance and calm in both body & brain.

How to do Toe Tapping:

1. Find a comfortable place where you can lie down. This can be on the floor with a mat,

blanket or carpet or on a bed that is relatively firm.

2. You may like to set the tone by dimming the lights, putting on calming music or adding a

scent such as diffusing a calming essential oil.

3. As you lie down, close your eyes and take a few breaths. If you notice any areas of

tension, breathe out and let them relax.

4. Bring your heels closer together and gently begin moving your legs, rotating them gently

in and out using your hips and thighs. This will naturally make your feet rock in and out

and the inside of your big toes tap together. (If you’re lower back is very tight, try taking your feet a little way apart to take pressure off your back). Allow yourself to find a

comfortable rhythm and keep breathing, focusing on slow and deep exhales.

5. Once your legs are moving evenly, then you can add in the second movement. While

keeping your legs moving, begin rocking your head left and right. Relax your jaw and

your neck. Imagine relaxing your brain as you rock your head back and forth. Allow

yourself a moment to find the rhythm with your legs and head. Keep breathing


6. The last movement is to open and close your hands. Stretch and squeeze your hands in

an even rhythm imagining they are like pumps pulling tension down from your neck,

shoulders and arms.

7. Don’t worry if you feel uncoordinated. This is very normal at first, especially if your mind

is usually busy. Keep breathing, relax and just move until you find a rhythm. It will come.

8. Continue doing all three movements for a minimum of 5 minutes or until you start to

feel more relaxed.

9. Stop the movement. Don’t move anything. And just stay in the feeling moving through

your body. Sometimes you will feel waves or tingling. Sometimes warmth, everyone is

different. Just stay there and breathe.

10. Finally, bring your hands on your lower abdomen and focus on breathing comfortably

from your lower abdomen. Allow yourself time to take at least 10 comfortable breaths

feeling the air come into your body and slowly release as you relax more deeply.

Through this exercise, you have brought your body & mind back into balance and created a healing state in which you will find sleep comes more easily. Observe the quality of your sleep and how you feel when you wake up. Done consistently, you will start to train your body and mind to relax and rest.

You can see this exercise and more on our YouTube Channel – www.youtube.com/bodynbrain

May you rest well, be happy and feel at peace.

Cherie Clark-Moore

Cherie Clark-Moore is the owner and a healer at Body & Mind Yoga and Tai Chi, Conroe. I first learned of her work through a video she shared on facebook. Her toe tapping method helped me through a tough period of my life where I was getting very little sleep. We have decided to bring this method to you through her article. We hope that you enjoy this work and if you would like to learn more please contact her at Body & Brain, Conroe.


Week Nine Action Items: Advent Calendars and Freezer Clean-out

Candy, Candy, Candy!!! There is way too much candy in my house after Halloween. So I thought I'd through this out there since last year it worked with my kids. I took 25 pieces of candy from each of my children's Halloween bags and saved them for our Advent Calendar. They didn't put up too much fight about it since I explained they would in fact get to eat their beloved candy. I stored it away in a safe spot and labeled it advent candy. Since we have a homemade advent calendar it was perfect for spreading the joy of the candy sugar rush out over another Holiday and it saved some $$.

If you are an Advent kind of person or have thought in the past that would be kinda cool, this year get a jump on it. There are several types of Advent Calendars out there, this week choose yours and purchase it now. The coolest ones sell out fast.

Also, focus on a freezer Clean-out. Organize and clear space for the new food that will most likely begin inundating your freezer. Get rid of anything that looks suspicious.

Have you nailed down any new present ideas? Remember to go ahead and purchase it, wrap it, and label all the presents as you go.


This Months Product Highlight: SLEEP

Yep, that's right getting the right amount of sleep decreases stress in the body and allows the Parasympathetic nervous system to do its job. In preparation for the time change that happens at the end of THIS WEEK, we are going to highlight products that will help you sleep. Use the code PATHS to get 40% off naCHer CBD's products today.

Try this herbal Blend as a Tincture: Sleepy Tincture

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botanical blend:

*California Poppy

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*Wild Lettuce

*Gotu Kola

*Hops Flower


*Certified Organic Botanical

All of the Herbs in this blend are supper stars to help calm the nervous system. Helping you get a good nights sleep.


Unlike other members of the poppy family, California poppy is non-addictive, very safe, and gentle enough for children. California poppy has a "cooling" effect to an otherwise hot and wired nervous system. The cooling effect relaxes heat and can help to counter hyper and often agitated nervous system states. Herbalists have traditionally used California poppy to help calm anxiety and to relieve both mental and physical tensio