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"Unleashing Creativity: The Beautiful Results of Our Rock Painting Session!"

This past Saturday we hosted our rock painting session. Creativity is an incredible tool to sync the heart with the mind and create a body-mind connection! Our Participants thoroughly enjoyed the session, along with taking home their colorful rocks that they created themselves.

A little reflection on the event itself, It is a treat to share an experience in creativity! It always bring out curiosity, exploration and courage.

We started the session by setting an intention and clearing our minds through a simple breathing meditation. This helps to bring the heart and the mind into sync. When we create from our heart we create what we desire most in our life! There are a lot of synchronicities in art and creating what we want in our life. Sometimes creating what we want takes courage to step into the unknown and try something different that challenges our daily process. What is great about art is that it offers the practice of being courageous and stepping outside of our comfort zone.

I heard comments like "I don't know what to draw" or "Where do I start" or "I don't think mine looks very good".

These comments are a representation of fear keeping us inside our comfort zone. Telling us to keep doing the same thing and don't try something new because who knows what that would lead to or what will others will think about my creation.

So rock painting becomes a simple small step to getting out of the comfort zone! It's something that you can do weekly taking small steps to break out of the comfort zone and take your comfort zone to whole new level.

Once everyone got started soon everyone was in the zone. Painting away! In fact some wanted to keep working on their personal masterpiece! Below I will share the paint pens that we used. I like to use smooth round rock to paint with, but that is my personal choice.

Overall we had a create turn out and everyone left with a painted rock that was unique and created a personal connection with the group and with their own creation!

Our next event is the Summer Solstice Drum Circle which will be June 22nd click to RSVP for this event! We look forward to seeing everyone there!

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