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Supporting your Digestion through Diet, Teas and Supplements

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Digestion is the key to living healthy and vibrant. From recovery to sleep to exercise it is important to improve your digestion so that you can maximize breakdown and absorption of foods that you are consuming.

Below is a simple guide to enhance and support your digestion with suggestions from food to supplements that you could utilize to support your digestion. The key to a healthy digestive system is improving the efficiency of it so that it takes less energy and keeps the food moving through the digestive system.

Also, schedule a series of sessions with us for visceral (organ) massage can greatly improve digestion and give you a head start in improving your digestion. Check out below for a special gut healing program that I am offering.

Some tips for improving your digestion during meal time.

  1. Slow down and take some deep breaths (10 to start of with)

  2. Chew your food until it is a liquid

  3. Be calm during your meal

  4. Give thanks for your meal, say a prayer for your meal and bless it!

  5. Enjoy your company or by yourself without screens (phones, television, tablets or computers)


  • Drink ½ your Body weight in ounces of water.

  • Consume water before your meal and during your meal

  • Eat hydrating fruits and veggies

Lemon Juice with your meal - Stomach digestion

  • acid levels in the stomach tend to decrease after age 40 years.

  • Increase acid level in your stomach, which helps to break down the food in your stomach and improve digestion.

  • Acid in the stomach also help to eliminate pathogens and parasites that could make you sick

  • Squeeze ½ -1 whole lemon in a glass (add a little water if needed) and drink throughout your meal

  • Alternative to lemon juice would be apple cider vinegar or HLC Breakthrough by bioptomizers

Enzymes - Stomach and small intestine digestion

  • Raw foods naturally have enzymes

  • Sometimes our body needs extra enzymes to digest foods

  • Pineapple and papaya have natural enzymes to breakdown proteins, try adding these fruits to your meals

  • Use bioptomizers Masszyme to help increase enzymes to assist with the digestive process.

Probiotics - Small and Large Intestine digestion

  • Found in kefir, kombucha, yogurt (no sugar), fermented vegetables, combine these with your meals

  • Probiotic can be beneficial to take as a supplement

  • Prebiotic help to feed the beneficial bacteria, some fruits and vegetables act as prebiotics

  • P3OM by bioptomizer is an excellent source of probiotic

Healing the Gut - Small and Large Intestine support

  • There are many protocols out there

  • Bone broth with veggies once a day helps to heal the gut

  • Eliminating processed foods, gluten, nuts, seeds, sugar and dairy, these all can cause inflammation in the gut leading to irritable bowel syndrome or leaky gut.

  • Biome Breakthrough, helps to heal the gut.

Teas to drink with your meal

The teas below are great to support digestion. I would encourage to try one that resonates with you and be consistent with it daily. The teas have natural herbs that support digestion.

Gut healing program

  • 8 weekly Visceral Massage sessions @ 60 minutes

  • HCL Breakthrough, Masszyme, P3OM and Biome Breakthrough

  • Health Appraisal Questionnaire (HAQ) & consultation

  • Breath work and movement techniques to improve digestion

  • Self massage techniques for the abdomen.

  • If interested contact us through email at timjr@pathsinhealing.comor

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