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Week Eleven Stress-Less Holiday Plan: Move to Energize!

Updated: Dec 6, 2022


We’ve all heard of working OUT, but have you ever heard of working IN? Work IN exercises cultivate energy in the body. Performing these exercises provides the body with more vitality. Work IN exercises are much like meditation. The exercises work with the breath to create movement. In fact, the breath is what moves the body. So, focusing on breathing while performing the exercises is important during a work IN session.

Work IN exercises turn off the stress response in the body also known as the Fight or Flight Response or Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS). The SNS moves blood to the muscles and the brain, causing tightness in our body and creating an active mind. If you experience a lot of tight muscles, feel very stressed, find your self thinking a lot, or having a lot on your mind, then working IN is the right type of activity for you!

When the SNS gets turned off, the Digest, Rest and Relax or Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) turns on. The PNS runs our digestive system, helps us rest and recover, and allows for creativity! In this state of mind we can come up with solutions to solve problems that may be occurring in our life. It also allows us to make better decisions. Better decisions around food, hydration, sleep, and movement. When the PNS turns on, our body has the chance to recover and repair tissues. This helps to reduce inflammation in the body! Which then equals less pain!

Below are the guidelines for Work In Exercises:

  • Keep your heart rate LOW

  • Keep your breathe rate LOW

  • Tongue stays moist

  • Exercise can be performed on a full stomach after a meal (these exercises can help improve digestion)

  • Best to learn to do these exercises on a full stomach

  • Keep a relaxed movement form, following breathing

  • Place the tongue behind the front teeth on the roof of the mouth

Simple Facts:

  • The body is a Co-dependent, linked system of systems, It takes energy to make energy

  • All body systems use and make energy such as: circulatory, digestive, hormonal and musculoskeletal systems.

  • Breathing

    • You expend energy to inhale air into your body

    • Oxygen is attached to iron particles in your red blood cells then is delivered to all parts of the body through arteries

    • Oxygen from the air you breathe is positively charged and the water in our tissue is negatively charged.

    • When positive and negative charges are brought together it creates energy or work potential.

    • The heart produces an electromagnetic field

  • You spend energy chewing your food and digesting it

  • The broken down particles from food provide the building blocks for the body to build hormones

  • Hormone glands use energy from breathing and the building blocks from food digested to produce specific hormones, such as thyroid hormones, adrenaline and cortisol.

  • Energy used from breathing and eating is used to run your muscles.

  • Muscles produce Electromagnetic energy

  • Muscles act as a pumps to assist the action of the heart

Try this Zone exercise daily for 5-20 minutes.

Breathing Squats is an exercise for Zone 1, a group of exercises created to balance the energy of your root chakra. Take a deep breath in and on the exhale lower your hips as comfortably as you can go. Breath in and stand up straight again. Repeat for five minutes focusing on a slow and controlled breath. The depth does not matter go as shallow or as deep as is comfortable for you.


Week Eleven Action Items: Order Food for Thanksgiving

It is now time to get that shopping list you created for Thanksgiving added to the cart and check out. Be sure you have all of your favorite spices and herbs. Don't forget sauces, oils, and condiments. Double check your list make sure you still need all of those items and be sure to stay in budget. be sure to pick it up a few days before the Holiday to make sure the shelves aren't bare by the time your personal shopper hits those shelves. You can schedule it a week before you pick-up on most apps.

Have you nailed down any new present ideas? Remember to go ahead and purchase it, wrap it, and label all the presents as you go.


This Weeks Product Highlight: Lion's Mane & Cordyceps Adaptive Honey

Mushroom infused honey.

organic raw wildflower honey + lion's mane and cordyceps mushroom extracts.

+ focus & clarity + smooth & sustainable energy. + calming stress response. + adrenal support. + mental & physical endurance. + relaxing the mind & body.

in the jar: *raw wildflower honey. *cordyceps mushroom extract 10:1 fruiting body. *lion's mane mushroom extract 8:1 fruiting

body. *certified organic ingredient.

Mushroom honeys can be enjoyed straight from the spoon, or you can mix it with teas or warm lemon water. Eating this honey right from the spoon is the quickest and most common way to enjoy mushroom honey. There's a little more prep work involved with preparing a tea, but the limitless combinations can be powerful and enjoyable. Check out these teas and find the right combination for you.

Why Adaptive Honey?

Adaptation is arguably the most important key to modern health and wellness. Our environment is changing much faster than our mind & body can physiologically adjust or update. For example, stress is a biological response designed to help us fight or run from danger. Unfortunately, this response can't be updated as easily as computer software, even-though our environment is changing as fast as technology. This is why modern dysfunctions are dominated by anxiety, poor sleep quality, inflammation, toxicity, nutrient deficiency and weakened immune system. These systems have not been updated at the rate of our lifestyle changes. Not even close!

Adaptation at the rate we experience change requires mindfulness and work. There are many ways to help your mind & body adapt to the ever-evolving world we live in. One of the most impactful ways to promote adaptation is supplementation with adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms. These powerful balancing botanicals help decrease your biological sensitivity and response to stress, helping maintain mind-body balance and efficiency. We will continue to experience internal and external stress, this is pretty much guaranteed. Adaptogens help prevent a dramatic biological response to stress. A 2009 pharmaceuticals journal publication on the effect of adaptogens on the central nervous system calls this protection the "stress protective effect".

by calming the response to stress you will:

  • promote creative and proactive brainwave states (alpha - lower beta) that are associated with analytical thinking, mental clarity, focus, multi-tasking, better memory retention and recall. this less reactive brain wave state is also less energy intensive which helps maintain focus and clarity for longer periods of time.

  • allow your mind & body to allocate resources to long term health and wellness systems like digestion, nutrient absorption & transport, immune system strength, protein synthesis, neuro-plasticity and neuro-genesis, sex drive.

  • protect your adrenals from fatigue and hormone imbalance.

  • promote sustained mental and physical endurance.

  • promote a balanced circadian rhythm for better sleep and wake cycles.

  • plus much more. protecting your mind & body from the damaging effects of ongoing stress can have significant impacts on short and long term health, wellness and performance in all aspects of life.

Use the code PATHS to get 40% off Root's Apothecary products today.

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