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Is stress affecting your health?

by Jana Janak

Is stress affecting your health? Where do I start? The answer to this question is a huge resounding yes. Take my typical day for example. Wake up with an alarm at 5:30 (stressor). Go to the gym and do a HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout (stressor). Run home and take a hot shower before dressing, grabbing a quick bite and heading off to work (you guessed it, all those are stressors too). Work with people (physical and mental stressors). Go home make dinner all while the kids are trying to get my attention and typically need something or need to go somewhere (stressors). 10:00 finally get some sleep. This is not even including other types of stressors that I may encounter each day such as chemical, electromagnetic, nutritional and thermal stressors.

All this stress adds up in the body and is handled the same way through the sympathetic nervous system (our fight or flight response). There are good and bad stressors ie beneficial exercise vs. over-exercising, organic foods vs. synthetic preservatives, enough sunlight vs. harmful EMF's, setting goals vs. "stinkin' thinkin,'" balanced hormones vs. synthetic drugs, maintaining proper body temperature vs. too hot/too cold. So, how do we handle all this stress and how do we decrease the effects of bad stress on the body? We can only manage our stress by making a plan and carrying it out. Most people are calling this self care. True self care helps you manage your stressors in a more positive way and will lead you to be happier, healthier and better able to focus on what is truly important.

What should your plan include? Eating healthy, drinking right, mental exercise, regular movement/exercise, and sleep. One of the things I have begun to include in my daily routine is Adaptive Cacao. Adaptive Cacao is a daily adaptogen superfood drink. What is an adaptogen? An adaptogen is a plant extract that is used to increase the body's ability to resist the damaging effects of stress and promotes or restores normal physiological functioning. What is a superfood? Superfood is a title that is typically reserved for natural foods that are especially nutrient-dense while generally being low in calories. Adaptive Cacao has chaga, reishi, lions mane, and cordyceps along with agave inulin, acacia fiber and MCT oil (Medium Chain Triglyceride).

Why has Paths In Healing teamed up with Roots Apothecary/naCHer CBD and why are we trying to bring these products to you? Stress causes inflammation and inflammation causes pain and dysfunction. Addressing stress and inflammation is at the core of Root Apothecary's product development. We also love the education that they provide to their customers. Every product page has tons of information to support the reason to use their particular product. In addition to this, we have been using their products and have loved the results we get. From their CBD creams to their tinctures and drinks, we love the results we see and the results our clients have told us they have seen. Use the code PATHS to get 20% off their products today.

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