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Tim Janak, Jr, LMT, CHEK IMS3/HLC3, NST


Tim is a Integrative Neurosomatic Therapist (NeuroSomatic Educators), Certified Orthopedic Massage Therapist (James Waslaski), Holistic Lifestyle Coach level 3 (CHEK Institute) Massage Therapy Instructor (MI 1986) and Texas CE provider (CE 1863).

He has been coaching clients on improving their health since 2006 and has helped numerous clients achieve a lifestyle of healthy movement and vitality. He uses his knowledge of functional movement to increase performance and prevent injury in Crossfit, running, cycling, golf, lacrosse, horseback riding, motocross, MMA, gymnastics and other various sports. He is an expert in improving function and balance and preventing injury for athletes of all types and ages. 

Tim not only works with athletes, but also clients with chronic pain. His passion for helping others has given him the opportunity to bring relief to those suffering from everything from lower back pain to carpal tunnel syndrome. Tim has given many lectures on self-therapy and Neurosomatic therapy, and is an instructor with Neurosomatic Educators and Texas Massage Education in Houston, Texas. Tim founded Paths in Healing with his father, Tim Janak, Sr., in 2006.


Tim Janak, Jr, LMT, CHEK IMS3/HLC3, NST
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