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Essential Tips for Preparing and Recovering from Surgery and Injuries

Updated: Feb 8

Post-surgery recovery is crucial, and providing the right nutrients and care is essential. Here are some easy-to-follow steps to aid your body's recovery after surgery:

  1. Nutrition: Remember the saying, "Whatever you consume, you become." The food you eat is what your body will use to rebuild damaged tissue. Focus on whole foods, fresh organic grass-fed meats, and organic vegetables.

  2. Bone Broth: Bone broth is vital for providing essential nutrients to aid in tissue healing and reducing inflammation. You can purchase pre-made bone broths in the freezer section of grocery stores, ensuring they are sourced from grass-fed free-range animals without antibiotics, hormones, or pesticides. You can also make you own bone broth and here is a simple recipe!

  3. Trace Minerals and Electrolytes: These support tissue healing and recovery, even when you're less active post-surgery. Ensuring an adequate intake of electrolytes is crucial for providing your body with what it needs to heal. Here are is an article with trace minerals or electrolytes that we suggest.

  4. Hydration: Despite reduced activity levels, your body still requires the same amount of water. Proper hydration supports the body's repair processes and aids in eliminating medications from your system.

  5. Movement and Breathing: Incorporating gentle movements, walks, or rehabilitation exercises, along with mindful breathing, will have a holistic effects beyond muscles and tissues. This can calm the mind and activate the parasympathetic nervous system, aiding in digestion, rest, and recovery.

  6. Massage Therapy: Proper massage techniques, combined with stretching, mobilization, and strengthening exercises, can accelerate recovery. For instance, gentle massage strokes following the blood flow can help reduce swelling, bruising, and pain. Click here to schedule a session One client that I worked with was 2 weeks post surgical hip replacement. When I first saw him he still had swelling, bruising and pain. Now all 3 of those go together. So if you can reduce the swelling it will help with the pain and the bruising. In his 3o minute session I perform little gentle massage strokes going with the blood flow to help the circulation in the area. He reported much relief from the session. After that we scheduled 5 more follow up sessions to help speed his recovery up.  

  7. Supplements: Consider supplements like Bone Matrix and Joint Strength Repair to support bone, tendon, and ligament strengthening, as well as Perfect Aminos for tissue healing and pure protein intake. Remember that supplement are only as good as you Nutritional Foundation. If your nutritional lifestyle foundation is not solid the supplement wont have the effect they are meant to have.

Bone, Tendon and Ligament strengthening - Help to Strengthen Bone

Joint Repair High in Collagen  Support Tissue Healing and Repair and Help to strengthen the Tissue in the joint. Also helps to reduce Inflammation in the body and Joints

For Testosterone and Overall Male Health

Perfect Aminos are great to help heal the body and tissue along with providing a valuable source of pure protein that your body will utilize 99% of.

Anti-Inflammatory Options: 

Explore options such as Inflammation Tincture and Relief by Bodyhealth to reduce inflammation in the body.

Inflammation Tincture by roots Apothecary use code: PATHS for 40% off your first order.

Relief by Bodyhealth Fish Oil or Omega-3 Oil: These supplements naturally help reduce inflammation in the body. Cymbiotika's Omega 3, Barlean's Fish oil, or Body Health's Omega 3 are great sources of Omega 3 Fish oils.

If you need guidance navigating an injury or planning a surgery, feel free to contact us for a 30-minute consultation to explore additional support options through your healing journey.

Please share and leave a comment about your experience with this method and how it help your recovery after an injury or post surgical.

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