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Electrify your Body with Electrolyte Drinks

Electrolyte are a combination of minerals that the body uses for many functions that occur in the body. Minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium found in water and in fresh fruits and vegetables are activated by an electrical charge in water which are known as electrolytes. They also provide electric energy in the body to help fire our muscles, electrical responses in our brain and nervous system they are essential for life! When combining water with minerals it creates a current in the body which help muscles fire, bringing energy into the body and brings life back into us.

Here is a a cool video showing how this works by the company trace minerals. Also some important valuable information in this video.

Most sports drink have a lot of sugar and this can actually negate the affects of electrolytes. So find an electrolyte source that is low to no sugar is a good idea.

Below are some suggested products recipes and natural drinks that provide quality electrolytes.


Electrolyte Stamina by Trace Minerals

Zero Sugar and cost effective electrolyte drink.

Plus added vitamin C and B vitamins make for a good pick me up when your energy is feeling low.

find at sprouts or vitamins shop or on amazon at the link below:

Here is a Direct link to the companies website:


Perfect Amino Electrolyte by Body Health

Zero Sugar

Trace minerals


Amino acids

A great product that provides the essential amino acids along with electrolyte.

Purchase on their site:


HEED by Hammer Nutrition

Low glycemic index electrolyte that provide the mineral that your body needs during a long work out.

Purchase on there site:


Recipe for Making Your Own Electrolyte Drink

1 lemon

8-12 ounces of water

1 tbps chia seed (ground or whole)

1-2 tsp of honey to taste

Pinch of Sea Salt to taste


Coconut water

is also a great source of naturally occurring electrolyte. But watch the sugar amount some drinks add sugar and some brands are 2 serving so drink responsibly!

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