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Earth Nature's Free Anti-Oxidant!

A few weeks ago my left shoulder was bothering the heck out of me! Painful to raise it up, sleeping on it was difficult and more. I had to get this taken care. So I went for my usual treatments: massage therapy, Chiropractic and stretching. I was even addressing in with natural anti-inflammatory tincture. However it wasn't going away it was better but not gone!

That is when I headed over to Huemn, and did the Pulse electromagnetic frequency therapy (PEMF). While I was doing it I asked one of the workers to share more info about it and they said it is similar to walking barefoot in grass, or, grounding!


WAIT A MINUTE! You mean this device is similar to walking bare foot in the grass! I had always known that the earth created a negative charge and would recharge our body because ultimately we are a big battery. So when we are in contact with the bare ground it recharges our body! It is really pretty cool.

So this took me back to wanting to brush up on my knowledge of grounding and I went back to a source that I had run across years earlier and download the audio book Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery! Listening to this book open my eyes to the subtle but yet powerful effects of grounding!

Essentially, our bodies are electrically charged and over time we need to recharge that electric charge because we loose it over time. They way that is done is being barefoot or skin contact with the bare ground. When barefoot with the bare ground our body conducts the negative charge through the feet and recharges our body.

This process is subtle and the potential health benefits are worth the effort to go outside and walk around in the yard barefoot for 10-20 minutes. Some of the health benefits are reduced inflammation and pain, reducing blood cloting, calming and de-stressing. Since inflammation is at the root cause of all disease reducing inflammation can affects our ability to heal from diseases.

However it may not be enough to just ground for 10-20 minutes a day, to get desired results. You may need more time. The PEMF device is an incredible device and helps tremendously but can be very expensive. But using a grounding mat/pad to sleep on or stand/sit throughout the day, can start to cumulate a positive affect on the body. In the Earthing Book the author shares case studies of individuals that had health benefits from using a ground pad to sleep on or sit on during working hours. Check out the book or the documentary below.

Our primal ancestor were in contact with the ground a majority of their life. In today's modern world we have disconnected ourselves from the bare ground by wearing thick soled shoes and other materials that "protect" our feet. These items insulated us from that negative charge from the earth, which has been shown to be beneficial to our health for many reason.

All it take is walking barefoot in the grass for 10-20 minutes a day and notice how you feel after doing it. You can also get grounding mates through that simulate the contact with the earth!

So take action, by Grounding your self everyday barefoot for 10-20 minutes a day!

Here is video about grounding that you can watch and a link to the book so that you can learn more about this free gift that the earth has to offer us!

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