Reflecting on Our Trip to the Grand Canyon

“Descending into the Grand Canyon is Optional, but coming out is Mandatory.” 

Grand Canyon

I saw this on a t-shirt after we made our 18 mile trek down into the Grand Canyon across a trail call Tonto’s Trail and then we ascended up to the top. On the way there I was reminded of my kids asking the question “Are We There Yet?” 

The ascent out of the Grand Canyon is not a walk in the park. My father and I have made this trip many times and the view never gets old but the switchbacks do. Before we left Indian Gardens, I looked up the 2,000+ feet ascent that we were about to start and thought to myself, man this is going to suck. We have to go up over 37 switch back and cover 5 miles and ascend 2,000+ feet in 5 miles. 

Before we started that morning, we were talking to 3 ladies that were about to undertake a Rim 2 Rim 2 Rim starting on the South Rim running/Hiking to the north and then back finishing (44 mile in total, over 10,000 ft of elevation change) at the South Rim hopefully in 24 hours! They asked us for any advice, after they had learn that we had done the Rim 2 Rim many times. 

Grand Canyon Tonto Trail

I was reminded of my my kids asking the never ending question of “Are we There Yet?”, and I remember that in the past I would hike out and just keep eyes on the trail and look forward to getting out of the massive hole that I had climbed myself into and thinking to myself when am I going to get to the top! 

These ladies seemed like they were very well trained and ready to conquer this amazing adventure that they were about to undertake. I told them as you are climbing up the switch backs remember to take time to look at the scenery. This brings to mind the lesson that my kids have been teaching me, “Are we there Yet?” my answer to them is “We Are Always There!!!!”. 

No matter where you are in your life you are THERE! Don't forget to look at what you have been blessed with. For me crossing the canyon is not a punishment, however a blessing that I have my health, and family that support me to enjoy this wonderful creation that God has blessed me with. 

The long journey out of the Grand Canyon, start with a single step. As does any journey towards any Goal or Dream! 

The long journey out of the Grand Canyon, start with a single step. As does any journey towards any Goal or Dream! 

So remember that where ever you are on your journey, whether it is financial, health, nutrition, or pain, “You Are Alway THERE!” Enjoy your journey and learn from it. The events in your life are meant to make you who YOU are suppose to be. However we get focused on getting to our destination and miss all the beauty that we have been given. So remember to have gratitude for the people around you, the scenery, the miracles that happen and enjoy them because you are always THERE!