2018 Journey to Sedona

Last year around this time we traveled to Sedona and as most of you know we love the Southewest area and the beauty that this area has to offer. We just returned back from an awesome 6 day trip with 10 wonderful people that we got to share the beauty of Sedona with. This trip was pack full of reflection, making friends, hiking, painting rocks, t’ai chi, drumming and Native American flute playing. We also enjoyed healthy restaurants that nourished the body and were super tasty! 

We started our trip off at the Phoenix airport and travel north to Sedona and stoping at Montezuma’s Castle which is nestled in the face of a cliff. The hike through this ancient national park is through an oasis of sycamore trees and desert plants that makes for a beautiful natural desert garden. After that we made our way to Sedona and stop at the ChocaloTree for a delicious vegetarian meal that was extrordinary! The food was full of flavor and filling after a long day of traveling. Then we headed off to the Butterfly Inn which would be home base for the next 5 days. 

We complete two 5 mile hikes, one around courthouse rock and bell rock and the other up to devil’s bridge. The hikes were fun and casual, making frequent stops to admire the scenery around us and play some music. The hike allowed time for us to get to talk to each other about our interest and backgrounds in life. Playing music out on the rock is a unique experience that is unlike anything that you have expereince before. The peacefulness of the rock and desert plants mixed with the quietness of the wind blowing around create the opportunity to stage an experience that is unique to those that were able to expereince it. Other hikers would hike by and stop and listen and thank us for providing back ground scenery music for them. It was fun to stop and be creative while on the hikes.  

We also visited Oak Creek by Cathedral Rock and hung out by the creek playing music and enjoying each other’s company and some us took a nap by the creek. The ambiance set by the creek created a wonderful peaceful area to recharge and let go of time. We decide to do a Sound and Vibration experience on the Red Rocks by the creek which was mind blowing and an experience all in it self. This is something that we will be bring to Houston in the coming months so please stay tuned for more info on this. The Sound and Vibration Expereince is something that is unlike anything you have ever experienced before. 

The sunsets in Sedona are breathe taking so we had to take advantage of that and we headed to airport mesa where you can get a 360 degree view of Sedona and watch in awe at the sun setting. Another great sunset that we witness was at Crescent Moon State Park near Cathedral Rock. When the sun sets, Cathedral Rock lights up from the sun reflecting on the red rock. It is absolutely amazing to witness. Let just be honest Sedona is a magical place that has so much to offer.  

Sedona is also the home of a Stupa which is a Buddhist sacred site that holds a capsule full of manusripts. We spent some time there enjoying the peace of these sacred grounds. 

The last day we closed by reflecting on the trip. What it meant for us to be together enjoying this beautiful place. It was a wonderful time to step away from our lives in Houston to reflect on our selves and to dive deeper into our souls to understand what it is that we really need in life.  

This trip was amazing! The people that joined us on this trip were amazing and the friendships we and the experiences that we shared were awesome. We plan to make this a yearly trip every November so stayed tuned for 2019’s dates and we will send you more information.

Sedona recharges our battery so that when can continue to provide high quality sessions to our clients, that is one of the reasons we go. And for you it will give you a “TIME OUT” from your daily routine. Enjoy the pictures and join us for our next Journey to Sedona!!!!