While We Were Out of the Office

Finding time to take care of your self can be difficulty and hard to do. As therapist that take care of other people’s body, it is part of our daily routine to take care of our body and recharge or battery on a regular basis. Recently, Tim Sr and I Tim Jr travel with two others to recharge and energize our body in the wonderful desert Red Rocks of Sedona, Arizona.  

We traveled to Sedona, Arizona for 5 days to enjoy the wonderful beauty that the land there has to offer. We stayed at the Butterfly Inn, a cabin resort just north of Sedona nested in Oak Creek Canyon. A beautiful forested area that has a stream running through it. Oak Creek Canyon is a anyon so the peace and quiet gave us the best opportunity to reconnect with nature. 

Each day started out with t’ai chi and enjoying the wonder breakfast that was include with our stay at the Butterfly Inn. After that we headed off to hike amoungst the red rock formations which Sedona is famous for. While on the hike we stopped and enjoy drumming, singing, native flute music and the beautiful scenery. 

Some of the rock formations that we saw were Bell Rock, Court House Rock, Boynton Canyon Trail, Airport Mesa (for the sunset and the Full moon drumming) which was absolutely amazing!!! Drumming during the  full moon over Sedona was awesome!!!! We also visited the Stupa, and Cathedral Rock, which we did some rock stacking, soaking our feet in the water and a creek crossing. The trip was an adventure and an experience. 

Since body work and massage is what we do we decided to practice what we preach and received two Myofascial release treatments at “Therapy on The Rocks“ which was an awesome treatment that left us feeling lite and full of energy. 

We travel to Sedona to recharge our battery and to bring back a piece of Sedona (the red rocks, blue skies, the energy) to share with our family, friends and clients that we work with. It is what recharges us and help us to continue to work on our clients.  

We will be making another trip to Sedona in 2018 in Fall. If you are interested in joining us send us an email timsr@pathsinhealing.com or call us at 281-352-3611.