Neck Pain resolved through Massage Therapy

Cervical/Neck Pain could be from a pinched nerve, a narrowing of the spinal canal (cervical stenosis), stretched nerves, pulled or strained muscles, sprained neck, whiplash, or pain from numerous muscles that support and move the neck. Being that the neck is relatively more unstable than the rest of the spine leaves it susceptible to more injury than the rest of the spine. 

How Paths in Healing Addresses Neck Pain

A thorough charting and assessment will enable us to see the position of the cranium to the rest of the body and if the neck is having difficulties moving in any plane of movement. This information enables us to do the correct type of massage and stretches for the areas that require such work. 

We look at the overall relationship of the movement of the spine to the cranium and hip bones while the body is in motion addressing any muscular tension that may be contributing to dysfunctional biomechanics that may create dysfunction in the cervical area.